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Patient 18: Problem Spinal Stenosis and Back Pain

Solution: Medication Management and Epidurals

Having experienced a serious motorcycle accident many years ago, I have endured varying degrees of physical pain since.  I have been to several doctors who have merely treated the symptoms of my pain, through various methods but never really took the time to discuss or explain the exact nature of my situation.

I’ll admit before seeing Doctor Batlan, I was skeptical, but after our initial meeting I was really put at ease.  He was very thorough and for the first time I actually felt as if a physician was listening to me.  The follow up appointment was even more impressive.  He reviewed my test results with me in a manner that made sense.  He was the first doctor I’ve been to that took the time to break down the source of my pain and discuss my treatment options.  Taking my mystery out of my physical pain has been a great relief, and made dealing with my situation much easier.

Dr. Batlan and his staff have been a tremendous help and I am extremely grateful.

J.B.     Henderson, NV

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