Solution: Hip & Sacroiliac Joint Blocks: Medication Management

I have my life back!

After five years of pain and suffering, I can now walk without shooting, stabbing pains in my hips and down through my legs. Even through all my trips to UCLA and the Mayo Clinic, no physician could relieve my pain. I had forgotten what it was like to walk my dog, or to carry one of my sister’s babies. There are so many day to day tasks that I could no longer do, due to my Fibromyalgia. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Batlan that little glimpses of hope came my way.

Through the combination of a Duragesic patch and a nerve block of the right hip [and right sacroiliac region], I am now almost completely free of pain. I have my life back, thanks to Dr. Batlan.

Tammy P. Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Batlan is the first doctor that took the time to actually listen to me and my concerns, he is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. He has helped me manage my pain so that I am able to function, work, take care of my daily activities and have a great quality of life. His staff is always so helpful, friendly and willing to help with any questions!

Submitted October 13, 2017