About Us

Second to None

Specialized Pain Management is an advanced medical practice that emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to patient care. This is the preferred method because patients realize maximal opportunity for improvement when input is promoted among specialists. Our Medical Director completed his training at Johns Hopkins (Anesthesia Residency) and the Cleveland Clinic (Pain Management Fellowship).


Dr. Batlan is fundamentally committed to caring medical treatment as well as excellence in communication. You will ALWAYS see your doctor – Daniel Batlan, MD, MBA – during each-and-every office visit. Our practice does NOT employ Physician’s Assistants (PAs) or Nurse Practitioners (NPs). “Every decision that we make includes consideration of how that issue affects our ability to deliver outstanding service to patients and referring physicians.” Our office is specifically designed to permit swift communication with consulting physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other patient-authorized entities.


At Specialized Pain Management, we utilize cutting edge, electronic medical records technology (Alteer Office) to electronically dictate, send and store medical records. Reports can be transmitted to referring physicians within 24 hours.


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