The purpose of this internet site is to provide general information only. No guarantees are offered with regard to the outcome of services that are provided to any patient, including no guarantees regarding the outcome of any diagnostic or therapeutic options that are pursued by a patient. Further, we believe that any field of medicine is considered to be both an art as well as a science, and therefore the information contained in this website is not considered to be proven scientific fact.


We state that a Physician-Patient relationship only begins when a patient actually (physically) presents to one of our offices for an initial Pain Management consultation with the doctor.


All of the care that is delivered to Outpatients is – by definition – the elective delivery of optional outpatient medical care.


From time-to-time, our practice may elect to notify a patient that we are no longer able to provide elective treatment to them.


Patients shall not use an internet site to communicate (Email or other) any medical information, or to consult about their condition with their Specialized Pain Management doctor.


Finally, services that are available and are offered to our patients may differ from those that are described in this website.