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Patient 22: Sciatica (Bulging Discs plus Osteoarthritis)

Solution: Lumbar Epidurals (Translaminar and Transforaminal)

I have found my guardian Angel in Dr. Batlan.  I am a 64 year old female and have had lower back pain and pain going down both of my legs.  For 20 years I couldn’t stand or walk for more than 5 minutes without doubling over in the pain.  When I would get up in the morning, I had to hold on to the bed and dresser to walk.  It would take me about 1 hour before I was able to straighten up.  I had gone t so many doctors to find relief and no one was able to help.  Then I went to Dr. Batlan and he told me that after 3 shots the pain would be relieved… and I thought to myself no way.  I went for my shots and now I get up in the morning walking straight.  Now I am able to do my housework, go shopping without pain.

Thank you so very much Dr. Batlan


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