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Patient 20: Neck Pain (Bulging Discs and Osteoarthritis)

Solution: Cervical Epidurals and Trigger Point Injections

For all of the people out there suffering needlessly with neck and/or back pain, I implore you to go see Dr. Daniel Baltan.  Like many of you, who suffer from chronic neck or back pain, I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers with little or no relief, and was ready to tear my hair out until a colleague, at work with similar neck/back pain told me about Dr. Daniel Batlan.  Dr. Batlan is a pain management wizard who can identify and effectively treat neck and back pain using the least invasive methods available to modern medicine.

I have bone spurs, degenerative discs and a whacked out neck curvature that combines to press on nerves coming from my neck into my arms and hands.  When this happens, the pain can be so excruciating that it is almost paralyzing.

Dr. Batlan was able to relive my pain – ALL OF IT! 

Once again, I urge you to call Dr. Batlan and make an appointment if you suffer from chronic pain.  Why suffer needlessly?

Deborah P.

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