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Patient 17: Problem Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Solution: Selective Nerve Root Blocks & Epidurals

Dear Dr. Batlan:

Some time ago I was referred to you by my personal physician, also a specialist in pain control, because I had run out of options in the control of pain from both my back and feet.  At the time I was taking 40 milligrams of Oxycontin and divided doses with Lortabs, prn, for “break through” pain.  Neither of us wanted to increase the dosage of these drugs.

We met in the hospital conditions and decided that I would receive three shots in the back to control the back pain and three additional shots in a different location along the spine for the pain in the feet.  We began the program and I noticed immediate relief in the back.  The treatment of the feet was later, but before the back program had been finished.

By the end of this course of treatment I was at least 95% free of pain in both sources!  It was much more than I had even hoped for.  Admittedly, I was apprehensive of the treatment and skeptical of the results.  I need not have been.  From the office visits through the visits to the surgical center where the program was executed, I receive care that could not have been surpassed.  At the surgical center, after I had undressed and gowned, they even covered me with a warmed blanket!  That was a service I never would have expected.

It has now been a month since the procedure and I certainly feel better than when I began.  The pain did not stay at the high level of remission, but is now still 75 to 50% reduced.  And I have eliminated the Oxycontin completely from my previous pain control regime.  Lortabs still remain a necessity for pain control, but even these have been reduced.

From the results I have obtained, I would sincerely recommend that anyone having severe back pain at least consider your plan of action.  There is nothing to fear and considerable improvement to be gained.

I give you my sincere thanks for all your considerate attention to my problems.  It has been a most enjoyable experience and the lowering of my pain level leaves me owing you a huge debt of gratitude.   C.N.

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