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Patient 16: Problem Fibromyalgia

Solution: Epidurals and Medication Management

Dr. Batlan and Staff:

I first came to see Dr. Batlan about 6 months ago.  I just recently moved to the Las Vegas area from Utah.  I needed a new doctor to prescribe the much needed medication I was already taking for my Fibromyalgia. Pain.  Dr. Batlan was very understanding in helping me get the right medication that I needed.

He also wanted to send me to get a MRI for the lower back and neck pain I was experiencing.  I was so glad that he did because it showed I have bulging discs in my lower back and neck and also degenerative disc disease.  I would have never known that I had this problem if he wouldn’t have been so kind to look for more problems other than just going with the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Dr. Batlan suggested to me that he try to give me epidural shots for the pan from the bulging discs.  I was very scared to try it.  I had trigger point injections before with no luck.  They caused more pain from the injection itself.  I was very skeptical on letting anyone ever giving me shots again.  He explained to me that I would be very comfortable and it wouldn’t hurt at all.  I decided to give it a try and boy was I glad that I did.  I have had a series of 3 shots now and haven’t experienced any pain since.  He started on my lower back and he is now going to do my neck next.

I am so grateful that I listened to Dr. Batlan.  I would trust him, and only him to do this for me.

I feel like I can have my life back.  I’m a mom of four and my kids are glad their mommy can play with them again.

Thank you Dr. Batlan and your staff.  Also thank you to everyone at the Surgery Center for being so kind and professional and helping get my life back!


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