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Patient 15: Problem Post Cesarean Section Incision Pain

Solution: Nerve Blocks (Ilioinguinal & Iliohypogastric Blocks)

Dr. Batlan,

I wanted to write you a letter so perhaps you can use it as a testimonial to your amazing expertise.  I came to you after four years of non-stop terrible pain that I was incurred during my pregnancy and/or during my c-section surgery.  The pain was located just above my c-section scar and may have been caused by nerve damage somehow.  Two years ago I went thru exploratory surgery to help fix this mystery problem, however it did not work.  I came to you as a last resort after knowing I could not go on living like this for rest of my life and was looking or another solution.  I want you to know, Dr. Batlan, after these two treatments my pain is now completely gone!  In our original consultation you were hoping you could hit a home run for me and that is exactly what you did.  I am so grateful to you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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