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Patient 14: Significant Impairment from Spine Pain

Solution: MRI Scans and Translaminar Epidurals

I recently retired at age 59 and my husband and I moved to Las Vegas from Southern California.  Shortly before the move, I began experiencing severe pain in my shoulder.  By the time we arrived I Las Vegas, the pain was in both shoulders.

My condition worsened rapidly.  Five months from the onset, I was experiencing pain throughout my body – from my neck to my knees.  My husband had to lift my legs to help me get in the car or in the bed.  I could not lower myself onto the toilet, so we had to purchase a raised toilet seat.  He had to help dress and bathe me because I could barely lift my arms.  The pain was so unbearable I cried all day and night.

I was referred by another doctor to Dr. Batlan, who immediately ordered an MRI.  The test showed severe arthritis in the vertebrae of both my upper neck, and lower spine.  Following the MRI, Dr. Batlan recommended a series of three epidurals in my lower spine.

When I arrived at the surgery center for my first epidural, the pain was so intense I couldn’t stand or sit.  They had to place me on a bed until it was time for my procedure.  The next day I could not believe the difference.  My condition was at least 60% improved.  After the second epidural, I felt about 80% better and following my third epidural, I felt 100% improved.  Even though the epidurals were in my lower spine, they relieved the pain in my upper body as well.

We don’t know how long I will be pain free, but for now, I am living a normal life.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Batlan for his competency and caring and for restoring me to health.  A few weeks ago, I thought I would spend my retirement years in a wheel chair but Dr. Batlan has given me my life back.

Thank you so much Dr. Batlan and Staff!  You’re the greatest!

Las Vegas, NV

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