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Patient # 13: Low Back Pain

Solution: Lumbar Facet Blocks

Every single day for the past 4 ½ years the first thing I thought of as I awakened, was how much pain would I have that day in the lower back.  At times the pain in my back so intense I had to sleep sitting up in a chair.

I was referred to Dr. Batlan’s office 8 months ago by my family doctor.  Dr. Batlan has been very patient in working through my intolerance for medication.  He plotted along with various tests to find the cause of my lower back pain, and what might alleviate some if not all of the pain.

Dr. Batlan and his staff stayed dedicated to me while awaiting insurance approval of the procedure called Lumbar Facet Injections.

Dr. Batlan is dedicated to making the procedure as comfortable and pain free as possible.  The staff at the UMC Surgical Center was kind, caring and helpful in fulfilling these expectations.  I felt that Dr. Batlan and his UMC support staff were taking great care of me.

After the very first procedure, I had absolutely no pain, NONE, not even any discomfort.  I am more ambulatory than I have been in five (5) years.  I feel I could do cartwheels, my whole attitude has changed in the past few weeks, I am happier and more alive.

With the expertise of Dr. Batlan and the Good Lord’s blessing I will remain pain free for quite some time, and continue to appreciate the dedication that Dr. Batlan and his staff have showed me.

Thank you Dr. Batlan.

A very happy and pain free, T.A.

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