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Patient 8: Problem Back Pain

Solution: Pain Blocks [Epidurals & Selective Nerve Root Blocks]: Medication Management

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given to me over the last four years.

I was so pleased with the results I wanted you to know so you can pass this information on to your other patients. They need to know that they should take the first step and try the procedure[s].

My primary physician due to the severity of my back problems referred me to you in 1999. I have a bulging disc and degenerative arthritis in my lower back. I tried different avenues to stop the pain, numbness and the shooting pains in my leg. I had to take a lot of medications but nothing seemed to work.

When I first saw you, you had suggested we try injections in my back. You said I would not feel any pain and I would be in a dreamy state during the procedure. I agreed to do it but was scared. When I went to the clinic for the first time I was greeted with kindness and everyone made me feel comfortable and told me I had nothing to worry about, they would take good care of me.

TO MY SURPRISE YOU AND YOUR STAFF WERE RIGHT. After the first procedure I would say I was 90% better and walking without shooting pains up my leg. I had no numbness and had two more procedures done. Over the past years I had the injections twice a year. To date, I have had no more procedures and it’s almost a year. At this time, I am able to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes, which I couldn’t do before. I am able to work 40 hours at my job and not have constant backaches as before. Under your care, I still take medication but not as much as I did before I saw you.

To all your patients who have to have this particular procedure done, I recommend that you do it! It really works.

Toby B.

Henderson, NV

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