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Patient 5: Problem Back Pain

Solution: Pain Blocks [Epidurals & Selective Nerve Root Blocks]: Medication Management

Dr. Batlan understands pain.

He will never doubt that you are in pain, as some doctors do. He cannot cure your pain, but he can help you control it.

I have been a patient of Dr. Batlan for several years. I have had spinal injections which helped me quite a bit. The effects of the injections are cumulative. This means you may need a series of them and it may take a week or two to kick in. But they do help relieve the pain.

Currently I am taking a variety of medicines to control my chronic pain. Dr. Batlan helped me find which medication suited me best. We tried various types and delivery systems until we found a combination that allowed me to be alert enough to teach during the day and still control my pain.

Thanks to Dr. Batlan I enjoy my life again. He fosters a positive attitude in his patients. I have a wonderful job which I can now enjoy to the fullest because pain is no longer my main focus.

Kathleen M. Las Vegas, NV

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